E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Vienna: Opportunities, Challenges and Implications for the E-Invoicing Industry

E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Vienna: Opportunities, Challenges and Implications for the E-Invoicing Industry

Vienna, Austria, October 2019 – The E-Invoicing Exchange Summit took place in Vienna from September 30 to October 2, 2019. More than 200 international experts, thought leaders and key decision-makers gathered to discuss best practices, new market developments, international solutions, and formed valuable, long-lasting business partnerships.

Topics ranged from legislative changes to new tax reporting requirements up to real time E-Invoicing requirements via government platforms. However, not only governments and corporates, but also solution providers are playing a huge role in driving digital transformation. The use of Blockchain technology as a universal interoperability layer for E-Invoicing and payment is an opportunity, but still a huge challenge. Further subjects of debate include the harmonization of different initiatives towards a truly global interoperability framework. All key topics and highlights are available in the “big picture” of E-Invoicing drawn at the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Vienna in 2019 – a compact yet comprehensive graphic recording on www.exchange-summit.com/graphic-recording.

In conclusion, it is not the end of the E-Invoicing journey yet. The expansion to South-East Asia with Singapore”s launch of its national E-Invoicing network will open new horizons. For this reason, the next E-Invoicing Exchange Summit will take place Singapore, the very first PEPPOL authority outside of Europe, from November 5 to 6, 2019.

More information on the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Series: www.exchange-summit.com

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