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U.S. CET Corporation informs: What is a Corporation?

U.S. CET Corporation informs: What is a Corporation?


In a general sense, a corporation is a business entity that is given many of the same legal rights as an actual person. Corporations may be made up of a single person or a group of people, known as sole corporations or aggregate corporations, respectively.

Corporations exist as virtual or fictitious persons, granting a limited protection to the actual people involved in the business of the corporation. This limitation of liability is one of the many advantages to incorporation, and is a major draw for smaller businesses to incorporate; particularly those involved in highly litigated trade.

A company is incorporated in a specific nation, often within the bounds of a smaller subset of that nation, such as a state or province. The corporation is then governed by the laws of incorporation in that state.

A corporation may issue stock, either private or public, or may be classified as a non-stock corporation. If stock is issued, the corporation will usually be governed by its shareholders, either directly or indirectly. The most common model is a board of directors which makes all major decisions for the corporation, in theory serving the best interests of the individual shareholders.

In the United States there are three major types of corporations: Close, C, and S.

Close corporations issue stock, but the amount of shareholders is greatly limited, usually to less than thirty. Given the small number of shareholders, normally all are involved in board-level decision making. Transfer and sale of stock is also tightly controlled.

C corporations are the most common type of corporation in the United States. They allow for theoretically unlimited amounts of stock to be issued, and usually have a smaller board of directors which make decisions. C corporations pay taxes both at the corporate level, and at the personal level, as shareholders pay taxes on their dividends.

S corporations are virtually identical to C corporations, save that they have a special tax status with the IRS. Instead of paying taxes at both levels, S corporations are required only to tax their dividends–the corporation itself does not need to pay taxes. Bildquelle:-

Die US CET Corporation ist ein internationaler Dienstleister der sich seit 2007 u.a. auf die Firmengründung USA sowie den Aufbau einer Geschäfts-repräsentanz in den USA, insbesondere im US-Bundesstaat Florida spezialisiert hat.

Im Rahmen des Aufbaues einer Geschäftsrepräsentanz in den USA ermöglichen wir es international orientierten Kunden/Unternehmen mit überschaubarem Zeit- und Geldaufwand auf dem amerikanischen Markt Fuß zu fassen, ohne ein Büro mit eigenem Personal einrichten zu müssen.

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