Tipp Oil Manufacturer for Lubricants in Palestine

Tipp Oil Manufacturer for Lubricants in Palestine

Tipp Oil Manufacturer for Lubricants in Palestine

Mr.Hani Nasman the left Person

Tipp Oil Manufacturer Ltd. Co. KG has expanded its sales in Palestine.

Our high-quality lubricants for cars as well as 2 and 4 stroke will be available in Palestina from now on.

Managing Director of Tipp Oil Manufacturer Ltd.Co.KG Mr. Sebastian Maier is looking forward to the long-term cooperation with Mr. Hani Nasman,

A long-term purchase agreement for exclusive distributors has been signed. The deposit system, which is now used worldwide by Tipp Oil, should also be used due to environmental protection and the sustainability of the plastic bottles and canisters.

The aim, explained Mr. Maier, is to avoid the plastic containers and to save resources and bring them back into the circulatory system.

Tip Oil Manufacturer Ltd.Co.KG expects a high increase in sales and expansion of operating facilities in Palestina.

We are very sure that our deposit system in Palestina is very well received by dealers and end consumers on site.

Mr. Sebastian Maier thanks Mr. Hani Nasman for building up sales in Palestina.

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