Target Market Germany

The German Market’s most promising Cities

These are Germany’s seven Tiger Cities:
Berlin Hamburg Munich Cologne Frankfurt Stuttgart Dusseldorf

Berlin, the capital is world famous for its cultural heritage and its entertainment properties. It is the center of German and European politics. But it is not in the center of Germany and much less in the center of the European Union. It has a long history of unprofessional majors and financial mismanagement. Many of the highly qualified have fled the city. It is no favorable place for global commercial investment.

All of the other six places are excellent:

Hamburg with its large harbor and great infrastructure has one of Europe’s highest GDP per capita. It is proud of its strong position in logistics, media, life sciences and aviation.

Munich is often praised as Germany’s secret capital. It is a biotechnology hub, home of the BMW brand and five more Fortune 500 companies. It will be the first global city to become independent from both – fossil and nuclear energy.

Cologne on both banks of the river Rhine is the gate to the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, the largest and most important industrial area in Europe. Its strengths are the automotive and the chemical industry.

Frankfurt with Europe’s second largest airport is a world-class financial services centre and home of the European Central Bank. The metropolitan area of six million people is well connected in Europe and in the global economy.

Stuttgart, home of very skilled and busy people, is a center of Germany’s high-tech industries with strengths in automobiles, electronics and mechanical engineering. In its metropolitan region are hundreds of Hidden Champions and it was among the first cities to manage its industries successfully into key global destinations. It is as well home to world famous brands like Mercedes, Porsche and Bosch.

Dusseldorf is famous as a rich city, not far from Cologne, attractive to foreign investment, especially for Japanese companies. Some 5.000 companies are running their German head office there. It is the German hub of media, telecommunications and fashion.

Well, now you probably know where to invest in the German market place. If you do not yet have an idea where to go, invest in Frankfurt. It is a large and busy area with a beautiful surrounding environment and with the best connections to everywhere.

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