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Pantercon: With crypto currencies (Bitcoin) to financial independence?

Wallet – the purse of the future? (Source: CC0) The Pantercon Crypto One-Time One – Part 3: What is a Wallet? The term “wallet” comes from English and means purse, purse, purse – as you might call it. A wallet is an application with which the private key, the access or security key to access … Weiterlesen »


Pantercon informs – money, crypto currency (Bitcoin) financial market of the future?

Crypto money – the new gold? Or even the new freedom … (Source: CC0) The Pantercon Crypto One-Time One – Part 2: What is a crypto currency like Bitcoin? Real currencies, as explained in the last article, are used by everyone, but they are centrally controlled from a location that doesn”t necessarily bring benefits. The … Weiterlesen »


Pantercon informs – Gold, Money, Crypto, Bitcoin, Gold-2.0

Why money is less safe than you think (Source: CC0) The Pantercon Crypto times table – Part 1: What is Money? Money is the primary means of payment today, but its value is not the same as it used to be. In order to understand the background exactly, we start at the very beginning – … Weiterlesen »