Start your own business

Rieta de Soet, CEO of IBS Intelligent Business Solutions helps customers create their individual office.

Once you have decided to found your own company, you need to find a suitable office with low costs and relieable employees. These components are not easy to find, unless you get some help. IBS Business Center help you to build up your company, says Rieta de Soet.

IBS offers business center with a complete infrastructure for consultants who need an office for a few weeks or for entrepreneurs, who would like to test the market before founding an own office.

According to Rieta Vanessa de Soet, business center are a good alternative for manager and freelancer. The keyword is flexibility. Adjustable office size, furniture, term of lease and service. No matter what the customer needs, everything is possible. The IBS Business Centers are full of opportunities.

Mrs. de Soet says, analysis have shown that business center have a lot of benefits compared to ordinary rented premises. The financial aspect is not the only positive effect. The business center can be used immediately and is completely equipped.

There have never been so many options for finding the best office solution, says Rieta Vanessa de Soet. But if you rather work in your own office, you have to calculate high costs for furniture and rent and longterm contracts.

People who like to be in company and use synergies and don’t want to take care of anything, will be enthusiastic about the concept of a business center. IBS offers qualified employees, for example secretary, business economist and tax consultant, who are available for you on demand.

Über IBS Intelligent Business Solutions GmbH

IBS Intelligent Business Solutions GmbH ist ein Team von Betriebswirten, Rechtsanwälten, Marketing- und Unternehmensberatern. Die 18-jährige fachliche und persönliche Kompetenz des IBS Teams machen den Erfolg für unseren Kunden aus.

Unsere gemeinsame Philosophie verpflichtet uns dazu eine Unternehmenskultur zu pflegen, die von gemeinsamen Zielen und Werten geprägt ist. Wir verstehen darunter hohes persönliches Engagement und Zusammenarbeit auf der Basis eines offenen und fairen Verhaltens.

In allen unseren Geschäftsbeziehungen praktizieren wir dieses partnerschaftliche Verhalten, das zu erfolgreichen und langfristigen Kooperationen führt.

Rieta Vanessa de Soet
Gubelstrasse 12
6300 Zug
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