Poly-IQ GmbH & Technocom LLC: Innovation and Inspiration

Despite the war: production of high-quality masterbatches and compounds continues.

Poly-IQ GmbH & Technocom LLC: Innovation and Inspiration

(Overath, October 2022) Poly-IQ GmbH and its Ukraine-based cooperation partner Technocom LLC have long been using virgin polymers as well as recyclates for the production of masterbatches and compounds. The common goal: to bring more recyclability and sustainability into the world and to enable the circular economy in the long term. Both companies are sticking to this goal even in these economically and geopolitically difficult times.

Both companies concluded a ten-year cooperation agreement in April last year, which, in addition to production, also includes marketing and distribution of the entire range of masterbatches and plastic compounds in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, with Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, the Benelux countries and Scandinavia are particularly in focus.

The geopolitical situation, which has escalated since the beginning of the year, and the ongoing war in Ukraine led to deep cuts for those involved: At Technocom LLC, parts of the production halls and extrusion lines were damaged at the beginning of the war. Therefore, parts of the production were outsourced to Slovenia and the supply chain is secured in this way.

Out of conviction: Poly-IQ has been developing, producing and selling high-quality masterbatches and compounds for more than 30 years and has been able to win one of the leading companies, Technocom LLC, for a cooperation. Technocom LLC can be described as a dynamically developing manufacturer of color concentrates and modified additives for plastics and is known in Eastern, Southern Europe and in the UK with more than 25 years of practical experience. With the cooperation, both companies are pursuing the idea of promoting the innovative development of new products, such as electrically conductive plastics, biodegradable products and halogen-free flame retardant compounds based on PLA polymers for the European market, in addition to sales.

The recyclates mentioned at the beginning are also important for the production of masterbatches and compounds. Poly-IQ has also developed a new process called „RecyclingPlus“.It is used to modify recyclates from post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste. The result is the modified recyclates, which, thanks to their equivalent mechanical and physical properties, correspond to the virgin polymers and are even better in some cases – optimal conditions for sustainable management. This step forward and the strengthened cooperation with the Ukrainian Technocom LLC are the foundation on which the European Plastics Strategy is built, which represents more environmental awareness and sustainable management

The market for high-quality plastics is diverse and developing dynamically. Not least because legal and regulatory requirements are forcing more and more people to re-think. The best example: the decision to amend the Packaging Act of March 2017, which stipulates that the recycling rate for plastic packaging must be increased from 36% today to 63% by 2022. We at Poly-IQ are facing the challenges of the future. We create the best master batches and compounds for our customers and their recycled or new plastics, thus making a contribution to the environment and sustainable economy.

The Poly-IQ laboratory and the co-operation with certified partners and their experts support us on this path. Moreover, at the same time, leading to fast and optimal results for our customers.

If you have questions about the physical, thermal, mechanical, rheological, electrical or optical properties of your polymer: a call is sufficient! Moreover, of course, you will receive with this analysis tips on the improvement potential we see for your product.

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