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OTRA Overseas Trading Conrad Jacobson GmbH trading paper

one of the leading traders in the global paper, packaging and speciality paper markets.

OTRA Overseas Trading Conrad Jacobson GmbH trading paper

OTRA Overseas Trading Conrad Jacobson GmbH

The OTRA Overseas Trading Conrad Jacobson GmbHis one of the leading traders in the global paper, packaging and speciality paper markets. The company was founded in 1982 in Hamburg as the overseas department of theConrad Jacobson Group .

The headquarter is based in Hamburg at present headed by Markus Salfner, Managing Partner and Director.

The primary goal of our services portfolio (including technical support, transport, handling, administration and financing) is offering the best possible assistance and service to satisfy our customers!

From manufacturing, via shipping, to the industrial consumer -we look after all aspects of the paper trade with expertise and know how.
Our employees are highly qualified, multi lingual, strongly motivated and carry a wealth of experience.
Combining this man power with its branch knowledge, OTRA Conrad Jacobson has successfully asserted itself in the global market and continues to reliably and capably fulfil the expanding necessities of its international clients.
A world wide network of agencies, subsidiaries and partners ensures exceeding flexibility: OTRA Overseas Trading Conrad Jacobson GmbH quickly and straightforwardly embraces the dynamic processes in the market as well as logistical challenges.

OTRA is structured into 3 different departments depending on the sales region and/or product involved:
Department 01 – Sales of Newsprint Paper to Far East and India – headed by Markus Salfner
Department 02 – Sales to Latin America, Pakistan, Australian region – headed by Martin Bredemeier-Prang and Tobias Böhrs
Department 03 – Sales to Asia and Africa – headed by Joachim Denk and Sascha Csoti

Order handling and processing in Headquarters in Hamburg – comprising of shipment/transport, customer service, documentation, agents” commissions, insurance, financing. Product sourcing in mainly Europe, Russia and the Far East
Sales on our own account.

In 1984/85 the first OTRA office in Singapore was opened, mainly for the purpose of buying and selling product through OTRA Singapore”s shares in various smaller trading houses in the Far East.
2009 OTRA opened the first office Dubai to operate the sales in this region.

Markets which are not covered by local offices are handled in cooperation with local agents and representatives.

Due to the close relationship to KIT/Kondopoga a substantial focus is on selling Newsprint paper worldwide, in close cooperation with overseas offices and regional agents. Beside that OTRA is trading a huge variety of paper products, such as:
magazine papers, offset and rotogravure, packing papers for folding boxes, testliner, fluting, Kraft papers (white, brown, ribbed), etc as well as specialities like greaseproof paper, baking paper, label paper, art paper, straw wrapping paper, glassine, self-adhesives, thermal paper, carbonless copy paper.

Our advantage in the global market place is our flexibility and product diversity enables us to quickly react to changing market conditions and to cope with modern business challenges.
From the start, OTRA has been benefiting from the vast experience and contacts of
Conrad Jacobson Group”s more than 100 years in the trade, including networks and contacts to suppliers all over the world.

OTRA Overseas Trading Conrad Jacobson GmbH

In 1982 wurde der Export-Abteilung des traditionsreichen Hamburger Handelsunternehmen Conrad Jacobson GmbH ausgelagert wurde und etablierte sich als die unabhängige OTRA Overseas Trading Conrad Jacobson GmbH

Overseas Trading Conrad Jacobson GmbH
Herr Csoti
Oberbaumbrücke 1
20457 Hamburg
+49 (0)40. 30 96 38 0

ISL Internet Service
Susanne Hoss
Zum Ehranger Wald 16
54293 Trier

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