OneChain: The All-in-One Cryptocurrency Dapp

OneChain: The All-in-One Cryptocurrency Dapp

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OneChain is developing an all-in-one Dapp that includes a very wallet, a decentralized chat service, a lightning quick cryptocurrency transfer function, and a decentralized exchange.

The business ’ s primary objective is to supply an entrance into the world of blockchain innovation and cryptocurrencies. Their decentralized wallet, exchange, social networking, and cryptocurrency transfer services are all working items that have actually been evaluated by 530,000 users. The job currently has user recognition and provides a great deal of advantages that deserve checking out.

ONE Token

The ‘ONE’ token is an ERC20 suitable token utilized to get to all OneChain’s services. Customers pay deal costs in ONE tokens when sending out cash from the Super Wallet, or on their decentralized exchange.

ONE tokens likewise spend for points on OneChain’s social networking platform. Points are utilized to access the decentralized chat service in addition to other upcoming social networks and e-commerce functions.

Blockchain designers who want to connect their Dapps to OneChain’s wallet likewise exchange ONE tokens.

Lastly, under OneChain’s handed over evidence of stake agreement procedure a handful of chosen nodes ‘stake’ their ONE tokens as security in exchange for the capability to confirm deals in a brand-new block of the One Chain blockchain.

Super Wallet

Digital wallets are important for saving cryptocurrency funds and paying.

Today the marketplace provides countless wallets, which fall under the following classifications:

PC wallets

Web wallets (

App wallets (imToken)

Hardware and off-chain wallets (Trezor).

Each classification provides its benefits based upon whether the user desires control, security, speed, benefit, or access to more tokens. Nevertheless, at the very same time, each wallet classification includes its own drawbacks: PC wallets need big quantities of blockchain information to be integrated, web wallets typically supply bad user experience on mobile, and hardware wallets are a hassle to bring around.

OneChain’s Super Wallet provides 700 cryptocurrencies, an easy to use experience, personal crucial user control, Redpackets for token airdrops, and compatibility with Android + iOS mobile phones.

The Super Wallet likewise includes deal speeds of less than 5 seconds, with costs costing less than 1 cent.

Thunder Transfer

OneChain’s Thunder transfer utilizes Graphene innovation to make it possible for digital currencies to be moved in between wallets within 5 seconds.

Graphene is an open source blockchain execution that was initially established as the structure of Bit shares, a cryptocurrency exchange market (OneChain’s employee were early individuals in Bit shares).

Its primary qualities are its 3,000 per 2nd deal speed, a 3 2nd block time, and handed over evidence of stake agreement procedure.

The Graphene facilities powers other Blockchains like Steemit, Peerplays, and Golos. Thunder Transfer likewise gets in touch with lots of Blockchains utilizing cross-chain innovation.

Decentralized Chat

OneChain looks for to establish an alternative to central messaging apps like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or Skype. These apps are more susceptible to hacks and have actually been understood to jeopardize user information for monetary gain. OneChain provides a chat service that is confidential, safe and secure, and anti-censorship.

Users can likewise submit multimedia files (video, music, images, etc), and rapidly move a range of cryptocurrencies to contacts utilizing the Thunder Transfer function.

The mix of social networking, social networks, and peer-to-peer payments provides OneChain talk a competitive benefit over central messaging apps, payments services like Venmo, as well as remittance services like Western Union.

Decentralized Exchange

The large bulk of cryptocurrency trading is still done on central exchanges. These exchanges are more susceptible to hacks since they have a single point of failure. They are likewise most likely to be closed down by federal governments, or quit user identities if asked for.

OneChain offers a decentralized exchange as a more ideal method to trade these digital properties, which are naturally developed on decentralized innovations. The exchange can making 20,000 deals per 2nd, incorporates with the Super Wallet, includes low deal costs, and supports steady coins like bitUSD.

OneChain presently supports the following trading sets: EOS/ BTC, ETH/ BTC, EOS/USDA, BTC/USDA and RHOC/USDA, and they prepare to trigger a USD trading set exchange in the future.

PoS Agreement Procedure

OneChain utilizes the handed over evidence of stake (or DPoS) agreement procedure (much like the EOS Blockchain).

In handed over evidence of stake, the network chooses several “witness nodes” as agents who assist make sure top-level choices faster without ballot the whole network.

These chosen nodes ‘stake’ a specific quantity of ONE as security in exchange for the capability to confirm deals in a brand-new block of the OneChain blockchain.

Although this approach is somewhat more central, in evaluating it has actually been shown to supply Blockchains like EOS with 50,000 deals per second.



Huang Huarong

Huang is an initial designer of Huobi, a significant cryptocurrency exchange based in

Singapore. He has 20 years of experience in R&D, management, natural language processing, mobile social networking, mobile shopping, digital currency, and exchanges. Huang’s strong technical background and competence in the market make him the perfect individual to advance blockchain innovation through OneChain.

Advancement group

ONE has experts from blockchain, cryptography, TB-level memory database advancement, high-availability application server R&D, security defense, and dispersed operation and upkeep, iOS and Android advancement

ONE Marketing Group

Sina Qiu Sina has 3 years experience in PR and was formerly was accountable for organisation advancement in DH Pictures. Sina is likewise an analysis professional and speaks 3 languages.

Sun Zhang Sun is a neighborhood professional in blockchain, and from 2010, was an early individual in Bitcoin. Sun is likewise a stock professional and is now accountable for ONE neighborhood’s operations.


OneChain provides a really easy and special worth proposal; they are intending to combine all the parts that make the cryptocurrency and blockchain area important.

ONE tokens are a gain access to pass that gives users the capability to shop and trade numerous digital properties while interacting with individuals worldwide on a decentralized and safe and secure network.

With a strong technical group and a currently shown item, the crypto neighborhood must keep a close watch on this job as it has the prospective to attain mass adoption.

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