Gold investment in Geneva: Degussa Goldhandel AG opens second branch office in Switzerland

Gold investment in Geneva: Degussa Goldhandel AG opens second branch office in Switzerland

Degussa branch office Geneva (Source: @Degussa Goldhandel)

Zurich/ Geneva, 25 June 2015 – Degussa Goldhandel AG Switzerland has opened a branch office in Geneva and, with its head office in Zurich, is therefore now represented in the two largest cities in Switzerland. Close to the waterside promenade at Lake Geneva, Degussa will from now on offer its customers the entire range of its goods and services, from investment products such as gold bars and coins to limited-edition plaques and gift products. Safe-deposit boxes in seven different sizes are available in a highly-modern depot for the safe storage of precious metals and other valuables – irrespective of whether they were purchased at Degussa.

Andreas Hablützel, CEO of Degussa Goldhandel AG says: “For us as the largest bullion dealer in Switzerland, the city of Geneva is an ideal location for our second branch office because of its significance as a financial metropolis, its high internationality and its central geographic position. We see a high potential demand, not only in the area of bullion investment, but also for our gift products such as for example pieces of jewellery, silver pens and our exclusive collection of gold watches.”

Hablützel adds that the opening of the new branch office in Geneva is also entirely consistent with the international expansion strategy of the parent company, the Degussa Goldhandel group. The group is now the market leader in Europe and has offices in Germany, Switzerland, London and Madrid. “We are also focusing more on developing global markets, for example in Asia and South America; accordingly a Degussa branch in Singapore will be opening this summer”, says Hablützel.

Degussa”s Geneva office also offers its full range of physical bullion. Investment bars and coins in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium are available in a variety of weight categories. A specially designed salesroom in the shop is dedicated to the wide range of gift products and presents the different products clearly. Customers also have the opportunity to purchase special motif bars and limited-edition medals as well as special collections and numismatic coins. Customers can also have their old gold, for example pieces of jewellery that they no longer wear, valued by Degussa experts and if they wish they can sell them directly on-site.

The branch office is located at Quai du Mont-Blanc 5. It is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs and can be contacted by telephone on +41 (0)22 908 14 00.

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About Degussa Goldhandel (Gold trading)
Degussa as a brand is a synonym for quality and reliability in the field of precious metals. Degussa Goldhandel AG, Switzerland, has been active in the precious metals market since 2012. The head office of Degussa Goldhandel GmbH is located in Frankfurt am Main. Degussa products and services are available at branch offices in Stuttgart, Munich (2), Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremberg, Hannover and Pforzheim as well as in Madrid and at Degussa Goldhandel AG in Zurich. The comprehensive portfolio of Degussa is completed by an online shop, available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which offers constantly updated prices, high availability and fast processing. In August 2014, Degussa Group acquired its own precious metals refinery in Pforzheim, Germany. The refinery is active in the reprocessing of scrap precious metals as well as the production of upstream products for the jewellery industry.

Products and Services
Apart from its worldwide known precious metal bars made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium with the characteristic diamond-shaped Sun / Moon logo, Degussa also offers a wide range of bullion and collector coins. Top-class experts are available to customers in the field of numismatics for the assessment as well as for sale and purchase of historical coins ranging from antiques to those of recent times. Clients have the possibility of storing their precious metals stocks at Degussa”s high-value storage facility and at certain branches Degussa offers safe-deposit lockers. Furthermore, Degussa has a “VAT-free” storage facility which is also available to its customers.

Purchase of scrap precious metals
Jewellery no longer being used, silverware, damaged precious metal bars and coins as well as industrially utilized precious metal products are purchased at reasonable prices and recycled.

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