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German manufacturer of freefall simulators delivered new wind tunnel to Oslo

Gladbeck, April 11, 2019 – The Indoor Skydiving Germany Group (ISG), manufacturer of high-performance freefall simulators, transferred the latest wind tunnel technology to the new Modern Activity Center at Oslo Airport Gardermoen in Norway. After successful first flights the center is well prepared for the official opening on April 26th.

Scandinavia’s most modern Indoor Skydiving facility in Oslo is about to open on schedule after the successful handover from German manufacturer ISG. The wind tunnel’s flight chamber is glazed up to a height of five meters and will provide an indoor free fall experience for beginners and professional flyers. An augmented reality climbing wall and an interactive VR simulator complete the offer of the new Modern Activity Center.

“We are very pleased to realize our second project in Norway and bring the highest standards of German engineering to Oslo. The cooperation with the construction authority and the operators was outstanding and all involved parties are more than happy with the result”, said CEO of Indoor Skydiving Germany, Boris Nebe.

The team around Ignacio Martinez, founder of the center and merited pro flyer, is now looking forward to welcoming the first guests and provide a unique flying experience in one of the most modern wind tunnels with the latest technology “Made in Germany”.

As an interesting footnote two elks appeared during the testing phase next to the facility. In Scandinavia a sign for good fortune. Additional to the successful construction and start-up period the team of the Modern Activity Center finds best conditions for a smooth start on April 26th.

The wind tunnel technology of ISG-Group was developed in cooperation with the aerospace department of the Technical University of Berlin and other aeronautical engineering companies and is internationally recognized for its energy efficiency, safety and airflow quality. The first reference facility opened in 2009 in Bottrop, Germany (Indoor Skydiving Bottrop GmbH – Since then ISG-Group has built and started multiple wind tunnel facilities for customers, many additional projects are in construction or planning phase.

About ISG-Group:

Driven by mankind”s dream of flight, ISG-Group delivers and builds vertical wind tunnels for freefall simulation for the sport of indoor skydiving and the entertainment market. The high performance facilities of ISG-Group are used also as professional training facilities for skydivers and military freefall units. In addition to that they also deliver a new experience to the entertainment market. The founders of this company developed in the recent years the most advanced and most silent vertical wind tunnel technology. It is internationally recognized for its energy efficiency, design, safety and airflow quality. Managing Director is Boris Nebe, the headquarter is in Gladbeck, Germany. Information under

Inspired by humanity”s timeless dream of flight, the Indoor Skydiving Germany Group develops and builds vertical wind tunnels to simulate free-fall for indoor skydiving sports and the entertainment market. Their high-performance facilities are also used by parachute athletes and military units for professional training. Over the past few years, the founders of ISG have perfected one of the most sophisticated and low-noise vertical wind tunnel technologies available today. Boris Nebe is the current managing director of the Indoor Skydiving Germany Group, which is based in Gladbeck, North Rhine-Westphalia. More information at

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