Follow up investment for eyefactive GmbH

Follow up investment for eyefactive GmbH

First interactive signage app platform by eyefactive

The High-Tech Gründerfonds and the MBG Schleswig-Holstein renew their investment in eyefactive GmbH. A six digit sum is provided to promote the international growth of the first app platform for professional touchscreens.

In addition to their previous portfolio of scalable multitouch technology for interactive tables and walls eyefactive GmbH announced the world´s first app platform for large-scale touchscreens in November 2013. The apps enable users to simultaneously operate interactive content on displays by any manufacturer on basis of a specifically developed software technology. The technology facilitates a performant operation by any number of users on professional touchscreens or combined display walls in high resolution.

This so-called multiuser technology is the logical progression from the touch operation of smartphones and tablets to distinctively larger touchscreens. Such systems with diameters up to several meters are being employed in interactive brand communication in public spaces as well as in company in-house presentations and organization. Its range of application differs significantly from the conventional B2C applications that app stores for mobile devices offer. The still young digital signage branch has been continually enjoying high growth rates for years.

The operation of an application by several users has only just become possible since the appearance of larger touch systems with their many touch points and constitutes a completely new concept in human-computer interaction. Normally, at present expensive special solutions are being developed with conventional technology. The app platform strives at establishing the first standard for interactive software in the digital signage market.

All apps in the app store can be customized due to a content management system in minimal time. Now eyefactive already chose to cooperate with a growing number of international partners, who participate in the turnover by recommendations, can distribute apps themselves and offer additional services for end clients. eyefactive also wants to make its software technology available for third party developers medium term in order to constantly feed the ecosystem with new, exciting apps.

“We are very happy about the positive development of eyefactive GmbH and envisage the app platform to be a promising addition to the existing business with a high growth potential” says Dr. Sebastian Suhr, Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds in Bonn. Bernd Ernst of the MBG Schleswig-Holstein adds: “What the team has achieved so far is impressive and we believe eyefactive with its current developments to play a significant role in the field of digital signage”. The old investors HTGF and MBG first took a share in eyefactive GmbH in May 2011.

eyefactive mit Sitz in Wedel (bei Hamburg) ist führender Anbieter für interaktive MultiTouch- und MultiUser-Technologie im Großformat. Das Produkt-Portfolio umfasst modulare MultiTouch Hardware, Software und Werkzeuge für Entwickler. Auf überdimensionalen Bildschirmen in Tischen oder Wänden lassen sich multimediale Inhalte intuitiv mit den Händen steuern – gemeinsam mit beliebig vielen Personen gleichzeitig. Für effektives Marketing etwa auf Messen oder kreatives Teamwork in Unternehmen. eyefactive wurde vielfach ausgezeichnet, u.a. als IKT Gründung des Jahres 2012 vom Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie. Zu den Kunden zählen Unternehmen wie Porsche, Beiersdorf, Mercedes-Benz Bank, Siemens und Olympus. Weitere Informationen hier:

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