Degussa is the first dealer in precious metals worldwide to offer iridium and ruthenium bars

Degussa is the first dealer in precious metals worldwide to offer iridium and ruthenium bars

Degussa Iridium Ruthenium Bars (Source: Degussa Goldhandel)

Frankfurt, 8 August 2016: As of now, Degussa Goldhandel is the first dealer in precious metals worldwide to offer exclusive iridium and ruthenium bars. Seven of the eight precious metals – the other five being gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium – are now available from the company in the form of bars, with Degussa now maintaining the most varied product portfolio in the bullion context.

Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach, Degussa CEO, says of the expansion of the company”s product range, “This development has set new standards in terms of the diversity of the products available on the precious metals market.” He continues, “For Degussa, it represents a step towards the attainment of our goal of taking on a pioneering role within the industry and of being able to offer our customers not only the very best in terms of quality, but also the most diverse assortment of products. In addition to our range of classic investment products and precious gifts, we also place great value on being able to supply special and rare items to lovers of such products. Degussa”s new iridium and ruthenium bars can therefore also be purchased as special collector”s items and even make wonderful gifts.”

The Degussa iridium and ruthenium bars are produced by means of a complex metallurgical procedure. They are available in one-ounce weights and bear the Degussa sun/moon logo as well as markings indicating the highest degree of fineness for a precious metal, 999.0.

The possible uses of iridium and ruthenium in the industrial context are extremely diverse. Both of these industrial metals are used in medical technology, mechanical engineering and electrical or chemical industry applications, by way of example. Degussa also offers iridium and ruthenium in powder form to its industrial customers.

Iridium is often used as a component of alloys in this context, according to the necessary durability to pieces of jewellery that are worn constantly, such as wedding rings. Iridium is also used in electrodes for spark plugs, pen nibs or as a component of ballpoint pen refills.

Similarly to iridium, ruthenium is a silver-white, hard and brittle metal. It is used, for example, in computer hard drives, dental fillings or in alloys of palladium or platinum as a means of enhancing hardness. In addition, ruthenium is used in catalysts for organic syntheses.

Further information on the new iridium and ruthenium bullion bars can be found on the website of Degussa Group”s subsidiary company Sharps Pixley at

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About Degussa Goldhandel
The name Degussa is synonymous worldwide with quality and reliability in the field of precious metals. The newly founded Degussa Goldhandel GmbH has been active in the precious metals market since 2011. The head office of the company is located in Frankfurt am Main. Currently, Degussa also offers its products and services at branch offices in Stuttgart, Munich (2), Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremberg, Hannover and Pforzheim. In addition, Degussa is also represented in Singapore by Degussa Precious Metals Asia Pte Ltd., in Zürich and Geneva by Degussa Goldhandel AG and in Madrid by the Spanish company Degussa Metales Preciosos, S.L. Degussa’s comprehensive portfolio is completed by an online shop available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and offers prices continuously adjusted to reflect the international precious metals markets, high availability and fast processing. Since August 2014, Degussa has also operated its own precious metals refinery in Pforzheim, which reprocesses (“separates”) scrap precious metals and also manufactures upstream products for the jewellery industry.

Products and services:
Apart from its own precious metal bars made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium and ruthenium with their characteristic sun/moon logo, that enjoy a worldwide reputation, Degussa also offers a wide range of collectors’ and investment coins. Leading experts in the field of numismatics are available to customers for the assessment, sale and purchase of historical coins ranging from antiques to those from more recent times. Precious metal stocks can be stored at Degussa’s central storage facility for high-value items, and some Degussa branch offices also offer the option of storing valuables in a personal safety deposit box.

Purchase of scrap precious metals:
Jewellery no longer used, silverware, damaged precious metal bars and coins as well as precious metal products used in industry are all purchased at fair prices and then recycled.

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