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Trio Resources, Inc.“s Mineralized Material Produces Precious Metals at United Commodity AG Processing Facility

Trio Resources, Inc.“s Mineralized Material Produces Precious Metals at United Commodity AG Processing Facility

TORONTO, ONTARIO-(April 9, 2013) – Trio Resources, Inc. („Trio“ or the „Company“) (OTCBB: TRII; and United Commodity AG („UC“; Stuttgart: 3UI1:GR; are pleased to announce that the mineralized material shipped to UC on February 4, 2013 (the „Shipment), has produced Silver and other value metals, via processing at UC“s cutting-edge Yukon Refinery in Cobalt, Ontario. The Shipment is the first to be processed at the eco-friendly facility, as the inaugural material delivered by Trio under a five-year Off-Take Agreement with UC. In addition to refining capabilities, UC“s facility also boasts the ability to pour bullion into ingots through its United Commodity Bullion Furnace.

The previously announced Off-Take Agreement calls for Trio to deliver a minimum of $30MM of mineralized material to be processed at UC“s Refinery over a five year period. The minimum 20,000 tons-or 334 tons a month-of feed concentrate under the Agreement will originate from Trio“s aggregate stockpiles of an estimated 1.3MM tons of mineralized material.

„We are extremely pleased to begin what we believe will be a fruitful and long-lasting relationship with UC,“ stated Duncan Reid, CEO of Trio Resources, Inc. „With our combined ability to mine, mill, refine and now produce bullion bars, Trio and UC have incredible potential to operate at a level on par with senior mining companies. Trio“s significant point-of-difference from other junior mining companies is that our existing above-ground mineralized assets enable us to produce ongoing revenues. The initial results realized through our inaugural Shipment to UC demonstrate the viability of our capacity to continue to grow and produce positive revenues.“

About Trio Resources, Inc.

Trio Resources, Inc. is an exploration and small-scale processing company which plans to focus on the exploration and milling of mineralized materials located in historically prolific regions. Trio is organized to hold assets in the mining industry, targeting older mining camps with residual value. Trio“s intention is to conduct an exploration program, in conjunction with milling initiatives to monetize its existing above-ground mineralized material on-site, with the purpose of being cash-flow positive primarily through milling and marketing mineralized material and concentrate to refiners. For more information, please visit

About United Commodity AG

United Commodity specializes in the industrial application and international marketing of innovative and sustainable refinery- and recycling technologies in the precious metal sector. United Commodity AG is listed on the Stuttgart stock-exchange: (WKN: A0M0F0, ISIN: CH0032868199, Symbol: 3UI1).

Über United Commodity AG:
United Commodity ist spezialisiert auf die industrielle Anwendung und internationale Vermarktung von innovativen und nachhaltigen Raffinerie- und Recycling Technologien im Edelmetall Sektor.
Die United Commodity AG ist an der Stuttgarter Wertpapierbörse gelistet. (WKN: A0M0F0, ISIN: CH0032868199, Symbol: 3UI1).

United Commodity AG
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