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The versatile Hotel Reichskrone in Dresden as a promising investment environment in a prime location

Profit participation certificates with substantial 15% surplus dividend ensures high returns

The versatile Hotel Reichskrone in Dresden as a promising investment environment in a prime location

Dresden and its surrounding area, the proximity to Saxon Switzerland – all these regional advantages are predestined for a successful success of a tourist project in the region. A hotel in Heidenau is therefore optimal to with its cultural treasures and sights to visit just 13 kilometers away, downtown Dresden. At the same time, the proximity to the Saxon Switzerland with its scenic beauty and unique nature another plus point for the hotel in this area.

Reason enough for an experienced Business Administration as Kay Matzke from Swiss Hirschfeld AG in Roggwil in Thurgau, who invest right here specializing in marketing concepts in the hospitality industry and acquire the Hotel Reichskrone in Heidenau want. The aim of the company takeover, the acquisition of the hotel Reichskrone in Heidenau and reopening under the same name.
Matzke since December 2014 working as a marketing consultant for the Hotel Reichskrone. Through strategic analyzes and with new innovations he could to cut costs to increase sales in just the first 5 months of 2015 to 400,000 euros.

One hotel – multiple options
Situated on 4,500 square meters of land, comfortable and traditional 3-star hotel dating back to 1898 with 62 tastefully decorated rooms and the hotel’s restaurant and an attractive garden area is seasonal fluctuations due to its excellent location and appeals to many audiences. It is the ideal accommodation for both leisure and business travelers alike and therefore it is similarly well occupied during the week as on the weekends. Whether couples, wedding parties, business or nature lovers – the Hotel Reichskrone in Heidenau it accommodates all.
The connection to the A17, A4 and A13 motorways, the catchment area for guests of the hotel Reichskrone extends throughout the German region to the neighboring countries.
The Hotel earned for years under the name of Hotel Reichskrone a recognizable profit. With a year-utilization of 67.12%, the house can generate future revenues of 967,625.00 Euros. The management and the 21-member staff are trained and incorporated, procedures and management plans are efficient and standardized. The hotel will be open 365 days a year, by one year occupancy rate of 70% is achieved in the first year after the takeover.

Investment with guaranteed perspective
The location and the popularity of the region – Dresden was in 2013 in the number of overnight guests in 7th place among German cities – are the engine for a successful management of the hotel in Heidenau.
But modernization and adaptation to current trends and orientations in the hospitality industry are inevitable and already planned. So sustainable PR work outwards also on the program as a comfort-improving in the house and an expansion of art towards the Internet and access to social networks.

Market and opportunities
2011 offered 116 hotels around 20,000 beds, their utilization was approximately 50 percent. The Hotel Reichskrone can significantly raise this with his utilization of about 65% of the competition. The Hotel Reichskrone with part when comparing the number of hotel rooms the largest hotel within 18 kilometers. The hotel Reichskrone outstanding strength is its central location between the economically strongest cities and one of the biggest tourist destinations in Germany. Quick decision-making and implementation possibilities of action thanks for wholly owned operations are certainly among the strengths of the hotel management.

Profit participation certificates with 15% excess dividend as a promising investment opportunity
To take over the hotel and on the implementation of the planned modernization and restructuring of a total capital requirement in the amount of 2,500,000 Euro is reported.
This was preceded by the project are investments amounting to 100,000 euros that have already been made by the prospective buyers.
The capital requirement shall be generated with a yield-oriented corporate participation in the form of mezzanine capital for a maximum of 20 investors. Here, a participation certificate is issued with a volume of 2,100,000 euros, divided into 21,000 participation rights with a nominal value of 100 euros for a maximum of 20 investors with a minimum subscription of EUR 200,000.
The Hirschfeld AG invested a total of 400,000 euros, together with Mr. Matzke.
Details for participation certificate and the project can be seen from the prospectus, which is available on the website of Hirschfeld AG:

The access data is available on request

With the establishment of Hirschfeld AG in March 2015, the expansion history of the beginning
Company with the aim of Germany’s more than hotels under a joint marketing
Uniting chain.
The Hotel Reichskrone is as Reichskrone Heidenau GmbH first hotel of this chain.
Other hotels in the tourist areas of Germany will follow.
According to philosophy of the manager Kay Matzke, the individual houses of the hotel group
mainly be Vacationhotels for families and couples. Each hotel provides newly connected
an additional sales channel with high range and a special target group accuracy.
HIRSCHFELD AG: Rütistrasse 8b, 9325 Roggwil / Thurgau, Switzerland

Hirschfeld AG
Kay Matzke
Rütistrasse 8b
9325 Roggwil / Thurgau
+49 (0) 163 – 807 48 10

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