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WORTLAND – language school that will give you confidence in speaking correctly as well as in understanding others“ dialects and ways of speaking

How confident do you feel when you speak to people in other countries or from different regions of your own country? If you feel 100% competent, we must congratulate you, as many professional and personal situations can demand optimal language compet (Source: CC0 pixabay) Language is a creative feature of all mankind. The languages of … Weiterlesen »


Together with the Machines

PRUFTECHNIK celebrates 45 years customer centricity Industry 4.0 and IoT have been dominating the industrial space in 2017. „So far, these have been merely buzzwords,“ counters Dr. Sebastian Busch, Managing Director of PRUFTECHNIK AG. „However, our customers have changed in the last 45 years – that is correct. They are not linear anymore,“ Busch continues. … Weiterlesen »