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E-Invoicing / E-Billing: Accelerator for Digitization

Exchange Summit Americas Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, March 2018 – E-Invoicing, a fundamental element in the digitization of the P2P process, is more than ever an important topic for the majority of companies around the world. With the U.S. aiming to define a standard and LATAM regulation constantly moving for new requirements a diversity of challenges needs … Weiterlesen »


E-Invoicing: safe, economical and fast

Implement cost reducing potentials with automated invoice processing Kreuzlingen, August 2013 – Compared to paper-based processes, enormous cost savings can be achieved within the Financial Supply Chain by employing efficient invoice processing methods. How enterprises, as well as the public sector, can economize through automated invoice processing more positively, sparingly and speedily will be demonstrated … Weiterlesen »


E-Invoice volume rises high

Visions for the future of E-Invoicing at the 9th EXPP Summit EXPP Summit Kreuzlingen, July 2013 – The global volume of E-Invoices and E-Bills is rising high. According to a recent market survey by the consulting company Billentis, in 2013, around 20 billion bills and invoices are likely to be sent and received paper-free on … Weiterlesen »


International Exchange of E-Invoices

The practical forum of the EXPP Summit provides all the relevant answers to E-Invoicing and E-Billing on only two days The 7th EXPP Summit will take place in Barcelona on 26th and 27th September 2011. 300 E-Invoicing experts and practitioners from all over Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Australia have already registered … Weiterlesen »


Sustainable growth rates for E-Invoicing

International initiatives and projects for automated invoice processing at the EXPP Summit Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, July 2011 – According to a recent market report by the management consultancy BiIlentis, sustainable growth rates of more than 30 percent are expected in the electronic invoicing market in the coming years. Due to the attractiveness of this market, around … Weiterlesen »


E-Invoicing / E-Billing – From evolution to revolution

Report published by Billentis Wil/ Switzerland, 30 March 2011 – Organisations can save the equivalent of 1-2% of their turnover by replacing paper invoices and optimising the related processes. Compared to traditional paper-based systems, electronic and automated invoice processes can generate savings of 50-80%. Consequently, the payback period on e-Invoicing projects can be as short … Weiterlesen »