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3D printing – the technology of the future

Agritechnica 2015: Systems & Components demonstrates 3D printer application for preventive machine repair 3D printing for mobile applications (Source: DLG e. V., Frankfurt/Main, Germany) (DLG). No other technology seems to be experiencing such a boom and worldwide investment as 3D printing currently does. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a process that synthesizes … Weiterlesen »


Match & Meet

Agritechnica 2015: Systems & Components supports the supplier industry with online matchmaking for international business Success through networking (Source: DLG e. V., Frankfurt/Main, Germany) (DLG). Contacts are the key to success in the business world. The market is driven by supply and demand. Especially in the run-up to a trade fair, conventional scheduling gets pushed … Weiterlesen »


Spotlight on mobile machines

Agritechnica 2015: Systems & Components suppliers“ platform presents developments in ergonomics and safety Spotlight on mobile machines (Source: DLG e. V., Frankfurt/Main, Germany) (DLG). Mobile machines operate in many different areas, from agriculture and forestry to utility applications, road construction, shipbuilding, mining and earthmoving. Modern agricultural machines are becoming ever more powerful and offer an … Weiterlesen »


Carbon footprint – meeting the challenge

Agritechnica 2015: Advanced solutions on the preservation of resources and the environment on show at Systems & Components Topic resources and environment (Source: DLG e. V., Frankfurt/Main, Germany) (DLG). Climate change mitigation is clearly about the reduction of emissions. Germany is implementing the G7 resolutions by pursuing a national dialogue on a climate change mitigation … Weiterlesen »