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ARTS at online career fair „SkyForward“

Virtual CareerCenter „SkyForward“ The Virtual CareerCenter „SkyForward“ will take place for the first time on 22 and 23 May 2019. On both days, job seekers can visit the online event from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and talk to potential employers. The career fair was initiated by the German Aerospace Industries Association in cooperation with … Weiterlesen »


WORTLAND – language school that will give you confidence in speaking correctly as well as in understanding others“ dialects and ways of speaking

How confident do you feel when you speak to people in other countries or from different regions of your own country? If you feel 100% competent, we must congratulate you, as many professional and personal situations can demand optimal language compet (Source: CC0 pixabay) Language is a creative feature of all mankind. The languages of … Weiterlesen »


Young professionals with a passion for technology meet SKIDATA as part of Salzburg’s Summer IT Week

SKIDATA opens the doors of the IT branch to new recruits


DIS AG in Leipzig rückt das Thema Mitarbeitersuche und -bindung in den Fokus und stellt innovative Lösungsansätze vor

Teilnehmer beim Workshop „FINDEN UND BINDEN“ in Leipzig. – Personaldienstleister lud gemeinsam mit dem Career Service der Universität Leipzig zum Workshop „FINDEN UND BINDEN“ ein – Rund 55 Personalentscheider mittelständischer Unternehmen tauschten Erfahrungen aus – „Betriebe suchen nach Wegen, heute und in Zukunft qualifizierte Mitarbeiter langfristig zu gewinnen“, so Niederlassungsleiterin Katja Teichert Leipzig, 30. September … Weiterlesen »


An international Christmas in SKIDATA´s branches across the globe

Another reason to celebrate: 22 employees will be honored for their company loyalty When it comes to holiday traditions around the world, the more than 750 SKIDATA employees can tell you plenty: they celebrate in summer-like temperatures in Australia and look forward to a visit from Santa Claus in North America, while in Austria, Christkind … Weiterlesen »


Great success for SKIDATA employees: Christoph and Julius impress with top graduations

The Salzburg Economic Chamber honors performance in education and further development WKS-Franz Neumayr You simply have to be proud of these employees: the ambition and dedication shown by SKIDATA employees Christoph and Julius is appreciated not only within our company, but also by the Salzburg Economic Chamber. As part of a large event that took … Weiterlesen »


Success Factor Employee – SKIDATA CEO emphasizes workforce and work climate

Innovation leader from Salzburg offers insights into the corporate culture Success Factor Employee – SKIDATA CEO emphasizes workforce and work climate Perhaps the most important ingredient for the continuing success of the cutting-edge company at Grödig near Salzburg is the very friendly atmosphere. CEO Hugo Rohner shares this opinion in an interview, during which he … Weiterlesen »


Mit Careers-Domains qualifizierte Mitarbeiter gewinnen

Careers-Domains: Optimal für den anspruchsvollen internen oder externen Jobmarkt Die Careers-Domains sind eine selbsterklärende Domain. Wie der Name schon sagt, soll die Domain für Seiten verwendet werden, die sich auf Karriere, Beruf, Jobs, Arbeitsplätze oder Beschäftigung in irgendeiner Form beziehen. Die Domain kann also sowohl für firmeninterne Jobbörsen als auch für allgemeine Jobbörsen verwendet werden. … Weiterlesen »