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Indoor Skydiving Germany Group successfully files for utility model invalidation against iFly / Skyventure Group

Gladbeck, November 14, 2018 – Indoor Skydiving Germany Group (ISG) achieved another major breakthrough in its patent litigation against iFly/Skyventure Group (Skyventure) at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) which ruled that the utility model DE 20 2005 021 913 U1 of Skyventure International (UK) Ltd. is fully invalid. The decision of the DPMA may be appealed by Skyventure.

The ruling of the DPMA effectively blocks the latest attempt by Skyventure to obtain a court judgement on the basis of the already in August 2015 expired and unexamined utility model DE 20 2005 021 913. The DPMA has declared the utility model DE 20 2005 021 913 fully ineffective from its original date onwards. The DPMA ruled that the claims of the utility model were ineligible for protection. Also, the DPMA rejected two auxiliary claim sets which Skyventure newly presented during the oral proceedings held on October 2, 2018 in a failed attempt to uphold a limited version of the utility model.

The DPMA ruled Skyventure to carry the costs of the proceedings.

„We never doubted the expertise of the DPMA and we are pleased that it has once again been established that the legal attacks by iFLY are without basis,“ says Boris Nebe, the managing director of ISG.

Inspired by humanity“s timeless dream of flight, the Indoor Skydiving Germany Group develops and builds vertical wind tunnels to simulate free-fall for indoor skydiving sports and the entertainment market. Their high-performance facilities are also used by parachute athletes and military units for professional training. Over the past few years, the founders of ISG have perfected one of the most sophisticated and low-noise vertical wind tunnel technologies available today. Boris Nebe is the current managing director of the Indoor Skydiving Germany Group, which is based in Gladbeck, North Rhine-Westphalia. More information at

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