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F7-TLC700 successfully passes driving dynamics and brake test

F7-TLC700 successfully passes driving dynamics and brake test

Hannover (Germany), 02.02.2017

The F7-TLC700, an armoured vehicle based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 76, was put through its paces by German vehicle inspection organisation TÜV Nord to test its handling and braking efficiency. During the test, the vehicle convincingly demonstrated its dynamic road performance and short stopping


Both the test and the certification of the vehicle were carried out to international standards: ISO 3888-1 and ISO 3888-2.

The test scenarios included single and double lane changes, an extreme evasive manoeuvre, and circling a roundabout at various speeds applying different levels of actuating force. The reinforced chassis and the suspension were specifically developed for the F7-TLC700 and optimally adapted to the axle loads of this armoured vehicle.

The successful passing of the ballistics certification test to VPAM VR7 / BRV2009 standards as well as the successful completion of the ERV2010 detonation test at the ballistics testing agency Beschussamt Mellrichstadt mark two further milestones in the continued success of the F7-TLC700.

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