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Choosing The Best Video Transcription Services

Video Transcription Services

Choosing The Best Video Transcription Services

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What is Video Transcription?

Transcription refers to the recording of spoken words in written text. When this process is applied to video content the process is called video transcription. Since the benefits of transcribing video content are getting recognition by businesses worldwide, numerous agencies offer Video Transcription Services However, one should be wary, cool, calm, and collected when they choose such professional transcription services.

This article will serve as a guide in the quest for choosing the best transcription service. Here are some criteria that need to be fulfilled for a video transcription service to be called the „best“:

1. Accuracy: Heavy accents, multiple speakers, and poor quality audio provide hindrances in getting an accurate transcription. However, transcription services that promise accuracy even in extreme „test“ conditions should be selected to get the transcriptions done.

2. Transcription method:Automated transcription is cheap. However, the accuracy for most automatic speech recognition (ASR) lies in the range of 70-80% – rendering the transcript unusable (invariably costing more). However, the accuracy of transcripts created through human-based service lies in the upper limit of the 90s. If accuracy is the target, choose human-based transcription.

3. Cost and turnover time: Overhead costs, besides transcription – like those for an expedited process, audio tracking, or foreign accents – should also be accounted for. These hidden costs can take an extra toll on an already limited budget. The turnover time (TAT) depends on the length of the video. Automatic transcription allows rapid transcription while manual transcription services take longer and you may have to pay for faster turnovers.

4. Editing the transcript: Best video transcription services should allow for seamless editing of the transcript before the export of the final document. Choose those transcription services which provides an interface for easy editing, and providing that much final touch for an accurate transcript. Easily selectable playback speeds and rewind buttons are also fairly standard in this regard.

5. Confidentiality: Human transcription introduces some privacy concerns. Services should operate under strict NDA policies along with encryption services between a server and a client (SSL, SAM, etc.) Transcription services should also allow easy removal of files from their servers at any time.

6. Other services: One could be more „case-specific“ and select services that provide audio video transcription services according to their needs. Seamless integration in the mobile platforms, integration in business content management system (CMS) is some aspects to look forward to in premium transcription services. For example, a YouTube video transcription services can routinely transcribe your newly uploaded videos to help promote your content.

7. Reviews and work samples: All the things mentioned above can be surmised easily through a glance at reviews and work samples – a good transcription service makes them easily accessible. Look for user experience when reviewing client appraisals. This allows you to delineate the accuracy and overhead costs. In work, samples look for presence or absence of audio tracking, and accuracy.

Summary – An improper choosing of transcription service can end up costing you invaluable time, money, and even confidential information. However, choosing a proper transcription service can ensure accuracy, optimal cost, the fulfillment of deadlines, and guaranteed privacy. Choose transcription services wisely.

Video transcription is required by every sector that is functioning around the world. Transcription Now provides best online video transcription services rate starting at $0.10/min to our clients with fast turnaround time.

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